Привет, мне нужна помощь с домашней работой. Мое домашнее задание во вложениях.


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7) Tom usually doesn't work in summer.

8) Listen! Somebody is knocking at the door.

9) Did you go shopping yesterday?

10) They won't have an English lesson tomorow.

11) Where does she usually spend her summer holidays?

12) I have already read this book.

13) Last week we sold our car.

14) Will you send this letter tommorow?

15) Bill was driving his car at 5 o'clock yesterday.

16) They haven't met for ages.

17) I don't understand what she is talking about now.

18) What did you do two hours ago?

19) She has just translated this article.

20) Anna is playing the piano at the moment.