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At least one time in our life we ask ourselves a question - what would be if we lived in another country? What if I could now move to another country? Personally I would like to live in some European country. I'm not saying I'm not patriotic! Moreover, I love the place I was born in and I don't think that I may find some other place like this. But the life level in the country I live in is very low. People have small salaries, but the prices on products and services are too high. Education is all covered by corruption. Nobody needs really talented people if the don't have money. It, actually, can be better, but our mentality prevents everything being better. People
want to get more money working less.  That's why I want to move to another country. It's certainly not ideal, it certainly has its own disadvantages, but I will be sure, that I'll be LIVING, not EXISTING there.