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7. If I am not busy, I'll visit her.

8. If he was attentive, he wouldn't break things.

9. If she were slimmer, she would be much more attractive.

10. If a fire starts, the alarm system goes off.

11. If the weather improves, I'll go for a walk.

12. If you don't give me more time, I can't complete the test.



1. If I'm not busy, I will come and stay with you.

2. If I wasn't busy, I'd come andstay with you.

3.If you have free time, you will go sandboarding.

4. If you had free time, you would go sandboarding.

5. If the questions are easy, everyone will pass the test.

6. If the questions were easy, everyone would pass the test.
- Nick said that he was living in Berlin then.
-Nick said that his mother wasn't very well.

-Nick said that he didn't know what Nina was doing.

-Nick said that you could come and stay at his place.

-Nick said that he wasn't enjouying his study very much.