Я погано знаю английський мне нужна помощь плз нада небольшое соченение на 1 листок на анг.мове тема:У супермаркеті


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In our city the Magnet supermarkets are located. These huge shops are very convenient, after all it is possible to find everything in them that it is necessary for you: from a hairbrush to vegetable salad. Today my mother doesn't need to run on the market with big heavy bags.

It is enough to take in a supermarket a capacious basket on castors and to go to travel on shop. Bright multi-colored show-windows with vegetables and fruit, candies and canned food, odorous boxes with exotic spices, snow counters with fresh fish... Here it is possible to find ware and candles for festive pie, a toy and a toothpaste. Even my small brother likes to visit a supermarket, after all there it is waited by the small personal avtomobilchik attached to a special basket for purchases. In this car there is a seat belt, the wheel turns and the signal button is pressed. Kids don't miss while parents travel on shop, filling baskets with all necessary.

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When we want to buy something, we go to a shop or a supermarket. 
Every day before leaving for school I look around the kitchen to see what we need. And on my way from school I drop into the nearest supermarket, fortunately enough it’s not far from my house, and buy bread and other everyday essentials. Every Friday evening I examin our kitchen more carefully as Saturday is our shopping day. The shopping list is rather long, so I go shopping. 
I go to the supermarket where we can buy different things at once: fish, bread, sausages, flour, tea, sugar, spices, eggs. I think that a bakery department is among the best in the shop as it has a rich choice of rolls, buns and biscuits. And what is more importable they are always fresh and tasty. I all have a sweet tooth, so I never miss the confectionery, where I usually buy sweets, candies, chocolate bars, cakes and so on. 
I like supermarket, in particular, large supermarkets