Хоть что-нибудь подскажите, объясните, подкиньте идею.

Нужно написать эссе (200-250) на тему

Extreme sports like BASE jumping or skateboarding should be prohibited

- make an intoduction (state the problems)

- express your personal opinion and reasons for it

- give arguments for the other point of view: explain why you disagree with it

- draw a conclusion


Ответы и объяснения

I would like to discuss the problem connected with extreme sports. I think the main problem of extreme sports that it is so dangerous for our live. Second problem is that you can hurt not only yourself but and other people by chance. My personal opinion that sport helps people to keep themselves in shape. Also it is so interesting to Learn how to skiing or surfing. You can make lots of new friends and travel a lot around the world! But also there are we can see some disadvantages. Firstly, if you a person isn't careful , he may be badly injured. Secondly, all extreme sport need a time to be learnt. That way we can make a conclusion that we should think first before do something extreme. I hold this view that we live only once and we should try everything in our life. So , I am for extreme sports