VI. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

1. Don’t look … me! I am not guilty.

A. for B. after C. at

2. if I get … early I’ll do a lot of necessary things.

A. up B. on C. off

3. Put … the fire. We must go back.

A. on B. aside C. out

4. Is your plane taking … now?

A. off B. out C. in

5. Who turned … the page of my book?

A. over B. up C. off

6.he called … my returning back in time.

A. in B. for C. out

7. I was in despair. My father came … in the world.

A. again B. back C. down

8. It runs … to the time when I was a schoolgirl.

A. off B. back C. after

9. He gave himself … to be an artist. We didn’t believe them.

A. out B. back C. away

10. I wonder what’s going … here?

A. at B. on C. by


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