20. – Выразите повествовательные предложения косвенной речью. 1. "My son is a student", said Henry. 2. "She is working at the library", said her mother. 3. My friend said to me:" I have not seen you for ages!" 4. " I shall solve the clues tomorrow," said All. 5. He said: " There is nobody here to stop them". 6. The soldier said: "We will find a place to lie up. I am afraid they will kill us". 7. My friend said to me: "We have been waiting for you for ten minutes". 8. Jane said: "I am all right. Nothing worries me". 9. "I am busy now. I am doing my lessons", said Tom. 10. "She is not here. She has just left the office", the secretary said to us. 11. He said to me: "This man is the doctor for the hospital". 12. "There is no one by that name here", they answered. 13. "I am ill. I have a high temperature", he said to us. 14. "We have tried to telephone him", they said. 15. "I don't think I will have done this work by the evening", she said.


Ответы и объяснения

Henry said that his son was a student
Her mother said that she was working at the library
My friend said to me he had not seen me for ages
All said he should solve the clues the next day
He said there was nobody here to stop them
The soldier said they would find a place to lie up. He was afraid they would kill them
My friend said to me that they had been waiting for me for ten minutes
Jane said she was all right. Nothing worried her
Tom said he was busy at that moment. He was doing his lessons
The secretary said to us that she was not here. She had left the office.
He said to me that man was the doctor for the hospital
They answered that there was no one by that name.
He said to us that he was ill. He had a high temperature
They said they had tried to telephone him
She said she didn't think she would have do that work