Напишите сочинение про ученого, который что-нибудь открыл , предложений 10-12

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                                                                              про НиколуТеслу рассказ

                                                               Nikola Tesla

Widely known for his contribution to the creation of devices that operate on alternating current, multiphase systems and the motor will make a so-called second phase of the industrial revolution.
Also, it is known as a supporter of the existence of the ether: there are many of his experiences and experiments that had to show the existence of the ether as a special form of matter, amenable to the use of the technique.(этот абзац можешь удалить он второстепенный)


Employment Edison 

Tesla with the "Theory of Natural Philosophy ..." Ruggero Boscovich against the RF coil of the transformer in the laboratory on Houston Street
July 6, 1884 Tesla arrived in New York.  He took a job in the company of Thomas Edison (Edison Machine Works) as an engineer for the repair of electric motors and DC generators.
Edison is pretty cool to new ideas Tesla and more openly expressed his disapproval of the direction of personal research of the inventor. In the spring of 1885 Edison promised Tesla $ 50 thousand (at the time the amount is equivalent to approximately one million dollars today ) that if he makes it constructively to improve the electrical DC machine invented by Edison. [ Nicola actively took up the job and soon introduced 24 varieties of Edison's machine, the new switch and controller, significantly improving performance. Endorsing all of the improvements in response to the issue of remuneration Edison Tesla refused, noting that the emigrant still poorly understand American humor. Outraged Tesla immediately resigned.