Помогите написать сочинение о семье на английском языке. Имя оксана 14 лет. мама оля. папа саша. сестра настя.10 предложений


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my name is Nastya, I am 14 лет.маму name is Olga and dad Sasha

Having a friendly family is a gift. I have a big family. My mother's name is Olga. She has got (blonde/brown /red ; curly/straight ) hair , (blue, brown , green) eyes . My dad's name is Alexander , he has got (blonde/brown /red ; curly/straight) hair, (blue, brown, green) eyes . My sister's name is Nastya. She is so beautiful girl. She has got ((blonde/brown /red ; curly/straight) hair and (blue, brown, green) eyes. I know that I can count on them. My family always supports me in everything. My mom is just like a best friend to me. I can tell to her everything that I worry about. I love them so much.