Чуваки помогите напишите на каждую тему по 10 предложений! Вот темы! Отдам все что хотите! 1) my family 2) my school 3) my friend 4) my city 5) my favorite sport 6) my hobby 7) travelling 8) food 9) what do you eat for breakfast 10) we had a concert 11) dinosaur museum 12) fossils 13) clothes 14) basketboll 15) my flat/house


Ответы и объяснения

There are 4 members in my family.My mom's name is Svetlana,she is a lawyer.My dad's name is Nikolay,he is a hockey coach.My sister's name is Tanya,she is a student.Our family is very friendly and funny.Every holiday we go for a rest to the county.We like to watch TV,play active games like tennis.Our family have a dog called Postrel.Every day someone go for a walk with a dog.I love my family.