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Change the following sentences into reported speech.

Tom said, “Was Tim at home?”

Sue told me, “Will you go to the moll tomorrow?”

The children asked, “Mummy, are we going to play now?”

The teacher said, “The test isn’t difficult.”

The parent asked, “What are you doing here?”

Complete the sentences.

If I were you, I … (buy) a new car.

If he … (have) a computer, he would surf the Internet.

If I … (go) to the datcha, I would water the flowers and trees.


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Tom asked if Tim had been at home

Sue asked me if I would go to the mall the next day

Children asked their mother if they were going to play that moment

The teacher told that the test wasn't difficult

The parents asked what  were I doing there


If I were you, I would buy a new car

If he had a computer...

If I went