Change the active voice into passive.

1)We form the passive voice with the help of the verb to be.

2)People grow oranges in Italy.

3)They build a lot of new houses in our country.

4)People often make tables of plastic.

5)They translate the Harry Potter books into many languages.

6)They don't teach foreign languages at this primary school.

7)They don't show such films on TV.

8)My granny doesn't grow tomatoes here.

9)People don't build tall buildings on this island.

10)What guestions does your teacher usually ask you in class?

11)Do you hear such melodies here?

12)What books do they usuallly buy for their children?

13)Does Mr Ross usually invite his neighbours to his parties?

14)What poems do the pupils learn by heart in the 8th form?



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1)The passive voice is formed with hepl of the verb to be.

2)Oranges are grown in Italy

3)A lot of new houses are built in our country

4)Tables are often made of plastic

5)The Harry Potter books are transkated into many languages

6)The foreign languages aren't tought at this primary school

7)Such films aren't shown on TV

8)Tomatoes aren't grown here by my granny

9)Tall buildings are not built on this island

10)What questions are usually asked by your teacher in class?

11)Were such melodies heard here?

12)What books are usually bought for your children?

13)What poems are usually learnt by heart in the 8th form?