раскройте скобки 1)He (to leave) the house before I (to have) time to ask him anything. 2)They (to play) tennis now. 3)My brother(to play)the guitar every evening. 4)Your brrother (to go) to the exhibition next Sunday? 5)She (to do) the rooms when I (to come) home. 6)He (not to read) Turgenev since he was a pupil. 7)Colombus (not to know) that he (to discover) America. 8)Look. Mike (to run) across the street. 9)I always(to come) to school at a quarterto nine. 10)Yesterday grandfather (to tell) us how he (to work) at the.


Ответы и объяснения


1. He left the house before I had time to ask him anything.
2.they're playing tennis now.
4. Your brother will go to the exhibition next sunday?
5. She did the rooms when I came home.
6. He did not read Turgenev since he was a pupil

1) had left/ had
2) are playing
3) plays
4)will your brother go
5) was doing / came
6)had not read
7) didn't know / discovered
8) is running
9) come
10) told / work