составить ситуацию используя следующие слова и словосочетания: a blouse, to fit, to a fitting room, to dry on, tight, to loose, to be of the latest fashion and style ( oun of fashion) желательно диалог


Ответы и объяснения


-Sorry, can you help me?

-Yes, of course. What is your problem?

-Do you have such blouse in another size? I need 36.

-I'm sorry but there are left only big sizes. But I can advise you another blouse. It's the last collection.Do you like it?

-Wow, yes I like it. Can I fit it? 

-Yes, of course.Here is your size. The fitting rooms are in front of you.



-Sorry, are you ready? Do you like this blouse? Is it not to loose?

-No, the size is perfect.Thank you very much. I want to buy it. But I have some questions. How do I need to wash and to dry on this blouse? 

-The fabric of this blouse is very delicate. It's not recommended to wash it in the washing machine and to dry it on in the dryer.

-Thank you very much.