Написать ревью к любому фильму.Там должно быть главные актёры,содержание фильма,длительность,где был снят,главный режисёр,жанр


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Iron Man. 

The Iron Man was made in 2008. It is film about a superhero based on comics - Antony Stark. He is the famous scientist and philanthropist. He's the business owner, inherited from the father. The business is based on weapon's making. After he was caught by terrorists in Afganistan, he saw that his weapon is used not for protection of people, it's is used by terrorist. Terorists make him to make his new kind of weapon for them. They gave him all materials for that, but instead of making of weapon he makes a nuclear mini-reactor and the suit witch helped him to make an escape. 

After coming back home he said that his company "Stark Industry" stopes making weapon.

Next he finds that his fathers best friend Obadaya Stanes asked terrorists to catch Tony in Afganistan to get company in his hands.

The main role - Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey jr. 

Also Gwyneth Paltrow played the role of Stark's assistant Pepper Potts.

The director of film is Jon Favreau. He also played the role of Tony's driver.