Перевести в косвенную речь. Пожалуйста помогите, срочно нужно.

1)She said, "i don`t know this man".

2)Tom says, "The letter was sent yesterday."

3) He says, "Don`t tell a lie, Jack".

4) The secretary asked, "Did you receive our fax, Mr Warren?"

5) "I am busy," he said.

6) "Will you be sleeping to at 8 a.m.?" she said to Mark.

7) "Are you listening to me?" Jane said.


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She said that she did not know that man

Tom says that the letter was sent the day before yesterday

He tells Jack not to tell a lie

The secretary asked if Mr. Warren received our fax

He said that he was busy

She asked Mark if he would be sleeping to at 8

Jane asked if I was listening to her