Ответить на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке на три вопроса. Дать развернутые ответы.

1) Do you like the idea of wearing your uniform at school?( Как вы относитесь к ношению формы и почему)

2) What is you uniform like ? ( Какова ваша форма...)

3) Is school uniform a symbol of community? ( Школьная форма является символом объединения и почему)

Спам и неполные ответы не давать!! За это отмечаю как нарушение, не знаете пройдите мимо!!


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Some of the students are against school uniform, but, as for me, I think, that there is no doubt, the school uniform is very important. Official dresskod helps students understand that they are in a serious institution. It disciplines them, maybe even gives opportunitu to focus on their learning and studies. I do not share the opinion that the school uniform is useless, at least school uniform helps students to look smart and presentable.


In my opinion, our school uniform is pretty good. Girls are must wear black skirts and white blouses. As for the boys, their uniform consists of black trousers, jacket, white shirt and tie. I think there is need to notice the advantages of our school uniform. First, as there is no restrictions on a style, everyone can buy clothes he likes. Second, because all the colors are the same, pupils look officially and seriously. That's why I like our uniform.


I think that school uniform allows students to feel the community. This is especially noticeable when the form is the same for everyone. Pupils stand out in the streets, people pay attention at them. Students can also easily recognize each other. Perhaps, in this case, school is seen as a big family, where everyone is different, but there is something that unites them. School uniform is definitely going to benefit the students and their community spirit.