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The national Lottery, a government sponsored and approved form of
gambling, appeared in Britain in 1994. The first draw took place on 19
November and then draws have taken place each week. Since it started, over Ѓ’6
billion has been spent by punters . people 1 _______________________. This
means that the National Lottery has become the most popular form of gambling.
The prize money is considerable, so punters can daydream about
2 _______________________. All lottery publicity, including the TV
commercials, has encouraged this fantasy. Another reason for its popularity is
the ease with 3 _______________________. There are National Lottery outlets
all over the country: in supermarkets, petrol stations, newsagents. It couldnЃft be
easier! The actual process of buying a stake in the draw is also very simple.
Punters blank out any six numbers between 1 and 49 on a slip of paper, and
together with their Ѓ’1.00 stake, hand it over to a shop assistant,
4 _______________________, which in turn prints out a ticket with the
nominated numbers. These numbers are transmitted to a central computer. A
whole sub-culture has developed around selecting numbers. One winner used
the numbers on houses 5 _______________________. Most people use various
combinations of ЃgluckyЃh or significant numbers. The draw itself is a media
event each Saturday night, 6 _______________________, such as Tina Turner
or Liza Minelli.
A. who dreams of guessing a winning combination
B. which tickets may be bought
C. which he passed on his way to work
D. which is usually presided by a celebrity or pop star
E. who gamble on having a lottery win
F. who then feeds the slip into machine
G. how they will spend their new-found wealth


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P.S. Насколько понимаю, по заданию один заголовок был лишним, A. who dreams of guessing a winning combination - не подходит никуда