1)I know the chances are small. But, who knows, I__(win) 1 million on next week's lottery. 2)Watch out! Behind you! That dog__(bite) you! 3)This year we__(go) to Greece on holiday. We__(stay) in a villa on one of the smaller islands. 4)I think Zenit St Petersburg__(win) the league this year. I mean, they've got a really good team, haven't they? 5)Yes, Dad, I__(come) back before midnight. I promise. 9)Personally, I don't think she__(win) a gold medal. What do you think? Complete the sentences with the correct future form of the verbs in brackets.


Ответы и объяснения


1 - may win

2 - is going to

3 - are going, will stay

4 - could win

5 - will come

9 - will win