Помогите пожалуйста сделать англиский.СРОЧНО! Progress Check 10 1. Fill in the right word 1. I will go on a s_ _ _ _ _ holiday this winter 2. Bob likes e_ _ _ _ _ _ sports; he goes bungee jumping every day 3. i love c_ _ _ _ _ _ holidays where we stay in a tent. 4. i think we'll go on a coach t _ _ _ all around Scotland next summer 2. match to form names of sports and activities. 1.Rock... a. surfing 2. jet ... b climbing 3. scuba ... c biking 4,Mountain ... d seeing 5. sight ... e diving 6. wind ... f skiing (Пишите так НАПРИМЕР: 1-С) 3.Match 1-4 with a-d. 1. I've got toothache 2.I've got stomachache 3.I've got a temperature. 4.I've got a sunburn a.Stay out of the sun! b. See a dentist! c.See a doctor! d.Take an aspirin! (Пишите так НАПРИМЕР: 1-С) 4. Fill in can or can't 1. ............ I listen to some music? No,you ....... . Dad is sleeping. 2.Excuse me,you ............. smoke in here. 3. You ...... hire jet skis from the hotel 4. We ............ take the bus to the beach. There's one every hour. 5. Circle the correct word. 1. I will/ won't go to the schook today. I'm ill. 2.Will you get/getting the tickets for me? 3 I thinl she Is/will come to the party later. 4. "Why don't you come for lunch?" "Okay, I won't/will" 5. Don't stay in the sun or you Will/are get sunburn 6."She will be late for work." No, she Will/won't" 7. I will / won't go sopping now. It's too late. 8. "Will you help me,please?" "Of course I won't/will 9. One day I won't/ will be famous! 6. Complete the exchanges •A: Hello,can 1)..........? B: Yes. I 2)......... rent a car,please. • A:Will you come hiling with me? B : L'm sorry but 3)..................... . • A:4)............. is it per day? B: It's €24. •A:What's 5)............. B:I've got a temperature.


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1. I will go on a sunday  holiday this winter

2.  Bob likes extreme sports; he goes bungee jumping every day

3. i love camping holidays where we stay in a tent.

4. i think we'll go on a coach tour all around Scotland next summer




1.Rock climbin

2. jet biking

3. scuba diving

4. Mountain skiing

5. sight seeing

6. wind surfing











1. can; can't

2. can't

3. can't

4. can't




1. won't

2. get

3. will

4. will

5.  will

6. won't

7. won't

8. will

9. will



1. I help you?

2.  would like

3.  I can't

4.  How much

5. wrong with you?