I.Fill in the words:myself,yourself,himself,herself and translate sentences from English into Russian 2) I have done it by... 3) Look! The cat is washing... 4) Are you hungry? Please,help...! 5)Her elder brother has made this model of ship... 6)I saw ... in the mirror.


Ответы и объяснения


2 . I have done it by myself  Я сделала это сама ( сам)

3. Look! The cat is washing himself ( вообще - то надо itself)Посмотри! кот умывается.

4. Are you hungry? Please,help yourself Ты голоден? Угощайся

5.Her elder brother has made this model of ship himself Ее старший брат  сам сделал эту модель корабля

6 I saw myself  in the mirror. Я видел ( видела ) себя в зеркале.