Нужно составить предложения со словами:

1) Language

2) to play tennis

3) herself

4) gardening

5) an editor

6) to look like


Ответы и объяснения


1) I love English language

2) I'm not to play tennis

3) I am trying to find his place in life(не уверен с этим)

4) I've been doing gardening

5) I'm a good an editor

6) I wear jeans to look like


1. Modern programming languages are quite complex.

2. I loved to play tennis with my grandpa when i was a kid

3. She should always do her homework by herself

4. I always liked gardening for it helps me to relax just like a meditation

5. My journalists always misspell words in their articles so I need to hire an editor.

6. I don't think you want to look like a girl in these skinny jeans and a tank top