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1) What time do you go to the Institute? (generally, usually) 2) What do you do on Sunday mornings? (often) 3) How do you spend your leisure time? (usually, occasionally) 4) What sort of radio programmes do you listen to? (usually, often, always) 5) How do you help your parents? (always, sometimes, usually) 6) What sort of films do you enjoy? (nearly always) 7) Where do you read for your examinations? (normally, sometimes) 8) Where do you have your meals? (usually, sometimes) 9) What do you take if you have a headache? (generally, usually) 10) How do you celebrate your birthday? (nearly always, occasionally)


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1) I usually go to the institute at 9 o'clock. 2) I often go for a walk with my friends or spend time with family. 3) I usually read some interesting books. 4) I always just listen to the music. 5) I clean the house some times or go for a walk with our dog. 6) I nearly always enjoy comedies. 7) I normally read fot my exams at home or it may be a library. 8) I usually have my meals at home. 9) I generally take something medicine. 10) I nearlly always celebrate my birthday at home or it can be cafe.