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guess what ! yesterday I saw a fantastic film with lots of special effects! I`m crazy about adventure films. what films do you like ? who is you favourite actor ? how often do you go to the cinema?
my family is going to visit paris in summer
sorry, I must finish,I have to go now . write bask soon.
best wishes

угадайте, что ! вчера я видел, как фантастический фильм с множеством спецэффектов! Я без ума от Приключения, кино, какое кино вы любите ? - а кто у вас любимый актер ? как часто вы ходите в кино?
моя семья собирается с визитом в Париже летом
извините, я должен закончить, - я должна идти . написать греться в ближайшее время.
наилучшие пожелания


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Dear (имя друга),


Many thanks to your letter! Sorry, I haven't written before, but i was really busy with my exams!


You're so lucky about watching film yesterday, i, for example, adore watching movies. I like almost all kinds of them: comedies, horror films, adventures and others. But my favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. This film is very interesting to watch, the movie plot is fantastic, and of course  I must say about incredible actors, especially Johnny Depp. I watched all films with this actor, cause i adore the spesial way he's playing. Because of school i can't go to the cinema very often, but if i have a chance, i'll never leave it.


So, what places are you going to visit in Paris? How long will you be there? And when are you going to return? 


Sorry, I have to go. Write me back.



(твое имя)