Очень очень нужно завтра сдать, помогите сделать

1)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous

hi isabel,
i'm in the beautiful city of oxford. I 1 (study) German and Russian at the university here. I 2 (find) both languages interesting but German
3 (be) more difficult. All the other students on the course. 4 (feel) the same way,too. We 5 (meet) once a week to discuss the lectures. This week,e 6 (go) to the theatre in London to see a play. I 7 (stay) on the campus for the moment but a few of us. 8 (look) for a house to share. the foof in the halls. 9 (not/be) very good,so we usually. 10 (have) lunch at a restaurant nearby.
I hope to hear from you soon
Take care,

2)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present perfect

1. A : When did you move (you/move) house,David?

B: Three days ago but I (not/unpack) yet.

2. A: Do you like Chinese food?

B: Actually, I (NEVER/TRY) it

3. A: I (just/finish) my essay

B:Really? I (write) mine yesterday evening

4. A: How long (you/live) in America?
B: I (come) here in 2004

5. A : (you/type) the letters yet?

B: Yes, I (finish) them half an hour ago and (give) them to Mr Harris

3)))Fill in : has/have been/to,has/have gone to

1. A:Have you ever been to France?

B:No, haven't but I'd like to go one day

2. A:I'm afraid Sue and Pam can't come with us. They want to visit their grandmother.

B: She _____

3. A: Haw long ___ Mexico?

B:For nearly three uears

4.A: Do you know where Mum is?

B: I think she ___ the post office to get some stamps.

5)))Put the adjectives in the right order

1 a new/woollwn/red/smart/hat ( a smart new red woollen hat)

2 a(n) modern/luxurious/italian/car (______ )

3 two/long/blue/beautiful/dresses ( ______ )

4 a gold/tiny/round/Russian/coin (_____)

5 a plastic/blue/little/spoon ( _____ )

6)))Choose the correct answer

1 We used ... in flat but now we live in a big house a) live b) to live c) living

2 I'm used ... up very early in the morning, so it doesn't bother me a) to get b) getting c) to getting

3 It was difficult at first but Max is getting used ... on the left a) drive b) to driving c) driving

4 Dad didn't use ... on Saturdays but he does now a) work b) working c) to work

5 When Helen was little, her father used ... her stories before going to bed a) tell b) to tell c) telling

6 I never got used ... German when I lived in Germany.It was difficult for me to learn a) to speaking b) speaking c) speak

7 Neil isn't used ... Chinese food a) to eat b) to eating c) eating

8 Tom used ... in Rome but now he's moved back to London a)live b) to living c) to live


Ответы и объяснения


1) am studing



are feeling


are going


are looking



2)1 haven't unpacted

2 haven't tried

3 havefinished;have  wrote

4 have you lived; came

5 have you typed; have finish and given

3) 2has

3 have been

4 has gone

5)2 an italian modern luxurious car

3two beautiful long blue dresses

4 a Russian round gold tinny coin

5 a plastic little blue spboon

6)1c 2a 3c 4b 5b 6c 7a 8