51 ПУНКТ!!МОЖНО ТОЛЬКО ПЛИЗ ГРАММАТИЧЕСКИ ПРАВИЛЬНО И НЕ ИЗ ПОИСКОВИКА?нужно написать ответное письмо (100-140words) на эти строчки: i really like extremely sports. Do you like sports?What other hobbies do you have?I'm going to wash my dad's car now. He sometimes pays me to do chores! - уровень 10 класса


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Hi there! Thanks for your letter, I was glad to finally hear from you. How have you been?

Speaking of sports, I do like such sports as swimming, running and I also love playing volleyball because it not only helps me to keep fit but also improves such skill as working in a team. I don't really like extreme sports because I don't feel like taking risks although I heard extreme sports help you build character. 

Besides sports I like photography. My specialty is taking pictures of animals. It's really fascinating as I get to watch animals' behaviour and make great photos of them at the same time!

My parents never pay me to do house work. Maybe it is the reason why I rarely do it.

Anyway, I have to go now because I've got to revise for a test!

Write back soon.