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Summer is my favourite season. In summer I usually go to the village. There I have a lot of pals. We play football and do fishing almost every day. Also I go to the foreign countries with my family. Last summer we went to Greece. I love summer very much.

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As much as I wanted to spend a vacation?
It would be untrue to say that someone is waiting for the coming holidays, which for some time, this is undesirable. And not because we do not like to study, but because they all want to relax sometimes. Even our parents are holidays, but they are adults and serious. The most we wait for the coming summer holidays. Why are older? Because they are long. In summer there is much to do. You can go to my grandmother in the village or in the country, along with his grandfather go fishing, go to camp with friends or straight to the camp to find new, you can spend a lot of time together with parents. Every summer brings new pleasant surprise.

But this summer I really want to go to sea. What I like about the Crimea. Around the mountain, the sea, the warm sun. Much can swim, sunbathe, build strength in the sand, go on a tour of some old castle or botanical garden. The Crimea is a very interesting nature that allows us to study botany not in the book, but really. For example, I have never believed that there are plants with red leaves, the tree can drop their bark.

And I was struck by the huge spiders that live in the Crimean peninsula. They entwine per night all around, and when you going in the morning on the first track, trying to get around the web, scattered more gluttons. Rainbow Rays play in droplets of dew that had evaporated. I rave Crimean mountains. They are certainly not the biggest in the world, but for me - a child of Ukrainian steppe - made a lasting impression. I really want to get to know them closer, up to Ai-Petri, visit the Valley of fairy tales, see waterfalls. I also heard a lot about ancient strength in Sudak. There are interesting jousting competition. I'd love to see it own eyes.

Many legends tell locals about the Karadag mountain. It is said that if a person returned from Karadag before sunset, then it is considered dead, no one goes to find him. In difficult mountain to climb because there are only strong and courageous. From the top view almost the whole peninsula. I've had a swim and sunbathe when I visit the sea or go to the river. Parents sometimes laughs at what I tanned back and white belly. But anyway, as you sit on the beach where near as water?

I with impatience will wait for the arrival of summer and we'll go to the Crimea. Dreams always come true when you believe in them.