помогите пожалуста составить предложение из этих слов. 1)do,wash,your,hands,you,and,face? 2)do,when,have,you,breakfast? 3)do,you,do,whenyour,homework? 4)you,do,walk,park,the,in? 5)you,do,when,go,bed,to?


Ответы и объяснения

1) Do you wash your hands and face?
2) When do you have breakfast?
3) When you do your homework?
4) Do you walk in the park?
5) When do you go to bed?
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1 ) do you wash your hands and face.
2) when do you have breakfast.
3)when do you do your homework.
4)do you walk in the park.
5)when do you go to bed.