напишите пожалуйста сказку на английском языке!!!на любую тему)

помогите пожалуйста!!очень нужно!


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Was one boy!His name Slava.Once he was walked in the park.and find gold key.And remmember the tale of Pinochono.And think:Can this key' tortles?'And  threved this key in lake.Than he come home ,and told her.But his mam said:'Silly you boyбbecouse we can seill it.But  boy belife that is key from tortes!

Lived there was a grandfather and the woman. Also there was at them chicken Ряба. Somehow the chicken Egg, yes not simple, but gold Here has taken down. The grandfather beat, beat, has not broken. The woman beat, beat, has not broken. The mousy ran, Tail has waved, Egg has fallen and was broke. The grandfather cries, the woman, and a chicken them cries calms: " do not cry the grandfather, do not cry the woman, I shall take down to you one more Egg, yes not gold, and idle time. " The chicken Egg has taken down, the grandfather with the woman it have broken and have fried a fried eggs   Жили были дед и баба. И была у них курочка Ряба. Вот снесла как-то курочка яйцо, да не простое, а золотое. Дед бил, бил, не разбил. Баба била, била, не разбила.Мышка бежала, хвом махнула, яйцо упало и разбилось. Плачет дед, плачет баба, а курочка их успокаивает: "Не плачь дед, не плачь баба, я снесу вам еще одно яйцо, да не золотое, а простое." Снесла курочка яйцо, дед с бабой его разбили и пожарили яичницу