1. Don't forget tnat we _ to meet in the evening.

a. must b. will c. are d. shall.

2. Jack _ his car but he hasn't found a buyer yet.

a. is selling b. will sell c. is going to sell d. sells.

3. I have joined _ the football club.

a. to b. at c. for d. -

4. Did you see him _ ?

a. lately b. by yesterday c. yesterday d. sibce yesterday.

5. Several of the trees in the garden were_.

a. diseased b. ill c. sick d. unhealthy.

6. My sister is_ her thirties.

a. in b. on c. at d. about.

7. If I were you I _ him

a. will no call b. did not call c. not call d. would not call.

8. My car needs _.

a. serviced b. to service c. services d. to be serviced.

9. _ students must study one foreing language at our Institute.

a. Some b. Most c. Each d. All.

10. The articles in the ( Morning Star) are much more difficult than _ in the ( Moscow News)
a. those b. that c. one d. this.


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