Напишите 10 предложений на тему "В каком месте я бы хотел побывать" или "Спорт полезный"
На Английском языке.

Напишіть 10 ресень на тему "В якому місці я б хотів побувати" або "Спорт корисний"
Англійською мовою.


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There are lots of wonderful entertaining magnificent places in our great world which must be visited. And you know, every of us, even you, have ever thought :" It would be very move to go to ... " or something like this. And every time we answer ourselves different places. Indeed it is. So, I have a lot of places of my dreams, but I'll tell you some of them. Firstly, I would go to England's countrysides because there are very beautiful sight, hills, houses and so on. Secondly, we all wanted to go there, though in our childhood, it is a Disney Land. Charming castle. Not every one of us where there, but it's worth to visit. Well, thirdly, I want to see Jews country , that is Israel. It is very interesting and ancient place. That's it.