НАПИСАТЬ СОЧИНЕНИЕ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ Что нужно делать, чтобы стать успешным человеком?


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What  do you need to do to become a successful person?

Contrary to common beliefs, there are no successful or unsuccessful people but instead there are people who have the potential to succeed and who do things that helps them realize this potential and there are people with the same potential who don’t do those things.

The only thing you need to do to succeed is to do exactly what successful people did. When you go through all of the information below you will acquire the mentality of a successful person and this will help you reach success.


what to become successful человеков many efforts would be required. For this cash at first to graduate from school perfectly well, to arrive in институ perfectly to finish it, but only then to get a job it will be finite not enough a lot of time, but you will become successful and you will construct the career