Экспресс-то же самое, используя пассивные конструкции . 1. We wasted a lot ot time when we were looking for the right house 2 . Peole can do a lot to stop the destrucion of forests . 3. pEOPLE MUSN"t use nuclear weapon.4. Biologists will tell you a lot about extinct animals of our planet.5.You ought to rewrite the text to make it look nicer . 6 . You should pack these fragile cups very well, or they may break .


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1. A lot of time was wasted when we were looking for the right house.

2. A lot can be done to stop the destruction of forests.

3. Nuclear weapon mustn't be used.

4. A lot about extinct animals on our planet can be told by biologists.

5. The text  ought to be rewritten.

6.  These fragile cups should be packed very well, or they may be broken.