Fill in the gaps with the appropriate forms of the verbs(Past Simple or would).

1. If i (to be invited) to my friend's dinner party, i (to think) twice what to wear.

If i was/were invited to my friend's dinner party, i would think twice about what to wear.

2. If my friend Emmie (to ask) me to come to her birthday party, i (to ask) her how to dress.

3. My friend (to feel upset) if i (to come) to his party wearing something casual.

4. I never (to dress) casually if a party (to be organised) in a club.

5. If my friend (to come) to my party in jeans, i (not to take any notice).

6. My friend (to go) home and change her clothes if she (not to be dressed) in a proper way.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Was, would think
2. Asked, would ask
3. Would feel, came
4. Would never dress, was organised
5: came, wouldn't take any notice
6. Would go, wasn't dressed