Помогите написать 15 предложений на английском с переводом:

1) положительное

2) отрицательное


4)Past Simple (?)

5)Present simple (-)

6)Present Progressive(?)

7)Present simple (?)

8) Past simple (-)

9)Present Progressive (+)

10)Past simple (+)

11)to be (-)

12)Past simple+ to be (?)

13)Present simple (-)

14)Present progressive (-)

15)Past simple (-)


Ответы и объяснения


1)I like cookies.

2)I don't need help.

3)Does she really care?

4)Did he see the accident?

5)He doesn't understand the situation.

6)Are you watching TV now?

7)What does she look like?

8)Jane didn't know my telephone number.

9)I am doing a test right now.

10)I ate a sandwich and left for school.

11)They aren't my brothers.

12)Were they aware of this?

13)I don't know.

14)We are not shouting.

15)It didn't break.


1. i love chocolate very much

2. we don`t like this weather

3. what happened?