Решите пожалуйста.1)Read the sentence and write another one with the same meaning.Use the Passive Voice.1.Students use computers at their lessons.2.Joseph Turner painted this unforgettable landscape.3.Their team lost the game yesterday.4."Our team will win the prise",said the boy.5.They usually visit Mr Black in the evening.

2)Complete the sentences.1.If Mike......(do) his best at school,his parents would be happy with his marks.2.If he didnt do sports,he often....(fall) ill.3.If she.....(be) more energetic,she....(try) her chance.


Ответы и объяснения


1)1.Computers are used by students every day2.this unforgettable landscape was painted by Joseph Turner.3.The game was lost by the team yesterday.4The prise will be won byoyr team -said the boy5.mr Black is usually visited by them in the evening


2.would fall

3.were,would try