Write about a summer job that you would like. Write 5-7 sentences. Use the plan to help you. 1. What kind of summer job would you like to find? 2. How are you going to look for it? 3. What do you expect to learn from it? 4. Will you do it for money or for other reasons? 5. What are your strong points? 6. What qualifications do you have?


Ответы и объяснения


I'd like to find a job in a summer cafe, certainly one of a waitress. I'll surf the Net to find websites that offer summer vacancies in part-time jobs for teenagers. I think working as a waitress in a cafe could teach me to communicate with people, and also to follow the instructions. I'll have an earning experience as well. Doing it as a voluntary job would be fair but not really practical. I think I'll do it well because I can easily understand what I'm meant to do and I'm able to do things quickly, and I'm a good communicator. However, I have no experience in working as a waitress yet, neither in doing any real job - so I don't have any professional skills. But I'm hard-working, and that's what actually matters.