Написать про любимого актёра, про Arnold Schwarzenegger[a] На анлийском языке, 15 редложений (самое главное, где родился, когда, в каким фильмах снимался и тд P.S МНЕ НЕ НУЖЕН КОПИПАСТ С ВИКИПЕДИИ(или же если делаете, то правильно стройте предложения)


Ответы и объяснения


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger, Arnold). He was born on 30.07.1947 in Graz (Austria)

A magnificent athlete (European and world champion bodybuilding, five times to seek the title of "Mr. Universe" seven times - "Mr. Olympia"), the world famous actor, actress, politician and public figure (with D. Bush was the head of the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports USA), a successful businessman (his fortune is estimated at more than one hundred million dollars), and finally, a happy husband and father (in 1986, the actor married to a wonderful television reporter Maria Shriver - the niece of John F. Kennedy, from this marriage two daughters - 1989 and 1991. birthday) - this is a portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose dazzling career is amazing even for a country "of unlimited possibilities." All of its present prosperity that person is obliged to yourself, your willpower, perseverance and hard work.

And as his time fragile, lanky teenager spent many hours obsessively engaged in "body-building" (the result is a masterpiece: height - 1 m 86 cm, bust - 145 cm, waist - 79 cm, biceps - 56 cm), the exact the same perseverance and character he displayed and "building" of his life.

Arnold was the son of a police officer, who served in a small town near Graz. Schwarzenegger lived in poverty, and at the end of high school, the young man had already attained some success in sports, is recruited into the army.