помогите написать домашку по английскому на тему Почему стоит или не стоит посещать Россию!


Ответы и объяснения


Russia is a huge and beautiful county. A lot of nationalities lives in Russia. Capital of Russia is Moscow. In Moscow you can find a lot of landmarks and see Russia in all her sides from people to traditions... Sure you should visit St. Petersburg it's old capital of Russia or second capital. In St. Petersburg you can find a lot of museums, theaters, cathedrals.  St. Petersburg is histirical city. Here you can try russian cuisine with pancakes, red caviar, borsch and etc.

People are not friendly in Russia. They always go threw the streets with sour-faced. Second problem is environmental problems, dirty air, a lot of rubbish in the streets. And Third problem is - Russia expensive county if you want to go to the Russian seas you should pay around 300.000 rubles, to go there, and book flat in hotel. But in this money you can fly to Thailand and relax there! Be smart and take your pick:)