Change the sentences to indirect speech. 1. "They will be here on time." John said ... 2. "I can not be here today." Mr Patterson said ... 3."I can not find it here." Ann said .... 4. "Can your uncle work here today?" Linda wondered ... 5. "We shall take a test in two days." Granny asked me ... 6. " We shell take a test in two days ." The boys said ... 7. They will have holidays in three weeks." The children said ... 8. "I do not like this book." My grandfather said ... 9. "Why are you busy today?" Mother asked me ... 10. "Will they be busy next week?" My friend wondered ....


Ответы и объяснения


1.John told they wold be here on time. 2.Mr.Patterson told that she could not be here that day. 3. Ann told she could not find it here. 4.Linda wondered if his uncle could  work here that day. 5. Granny asked me that we would take a test in two days. 6.The boys told that they would take a test in two days. 7. The children told that they would have holidays  in three weeks.8.My grandfather told that he did not like that book. 9. Mother asked me why I was busy that day. 1 0.My friend wondered if they would be busy next week.