напишите обзор фильма или телевизионной программы, которую Вы не любите на англиском языке плиз в 5 абзатцев(тетрадь in touch автор liz kilbey workbook2) ток кто первый спасибо и лучший ответ


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I do not like the TV show Dom2. On the one hand - it is interesting handbook for in-lovers, but on the other hand it is certainly far from being interesting for modern peoples.
I have to confess, that i do not like actors of this show too because of their siliness. I fully my friend opinion about parental control for this show. In other words, i would not adwice you to see this stuff, but i have a lurking feeling - it could have been made a bit better, if creators of this show will cut some episodes from their show. That is my say, if you asked me