Помогите пожалуйста!!!Вставьте нужные слова в текст, форму менять не надо, просто слова и все
Before you decide on what education and (0) a you will do next year, it is worth looking (1)____ tomorrow's job prospects. What is the future of the work you are interested(2)____? Will there always be a need for it? What is happening in the fast-growth industries? In (3)____ part of Russia there are (4) ___ in the areas of IT, finance, pharmacy, engineering, and (5)____. Knowing about the changing world of (6)____ is an important step in deciding on the education and training you need.
There are(7)____ jobs for unskilled workes. People are expected to have a range of skills, rather than specialising in just one or two. (8) ___ surveys show that people with Higher Education (9)____ usually earn more than people who do not study at university. Employers look (10)_____ workers with higher level skills and qualifications. The specialists, manager,engineers, accountants, lawyers. According to experts, (11)____ 15 yeras' time (12)____ will value specialists that combine high qualifications with the necessary skills and qualities. The most (13) ____ skills are communucation skills, skills in problem (14)____ . The person should be co-operative, creative, showing initiative
Выберите букву, цифры от 1 до 14 означают предложения в тексте.
0) a) training b) trainee C) trainer d) train - верное будет вариант а), т.e пишем вариант а) в предложение под цифрой 0. И т.д. со всеми
1) a) for b) on c) at d) out for
2) a) in b) at C) of d) ---
3) a) all b) every c) of d) some
4) a) work b) jobs c) employment d) workers
5) a) manage b) manager c) managing d) managment
6) a) work b) job c) career d) profession
7) a) less b) smaller c) fewer d) more
8) a) Although b) Besides c) Because d) Such as
9) a) skills b) abilities c) qualities d) qualifications
10)a) at b) for c) like d) out
11) a) after b) for c) in d) at
12) a) employers b) emloyees c)employment d) employing
13) a) allowed b) found c) employed d) required
14) a) reading b) planning c) managing d) solving


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