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Nowadays we have a lot of things to do. People have computers, TV and mobile phones. So children spend their time by playing different computer games. And adults can surf the net all the day. 

Some people prefer reading books. But these days we can meet such people not very often.

In big city there are a lot of entertainment. For example people go to department stores. There they can go to the cinema or cafe. And also they can do the shopping.

Sport is very popular these days. There are two kinds of sport. Winter sport and summer sport. In the winter people go to mountains to do skiing or snowboarding. Some of them prefer skating. In the summer people play volleyball , football, basketball etc... Also in the summer people often go to the forest to pick up mushrooms and relax.

But, of course, there are many kinds of pastime. And there are people with their own interests. So everyone can choose the way to spend his time. Today we have big possibilities.