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1. Tatyana phoned from Moscow. She wondered if she should bring some CDs with her. She asked me if I liked dancing and if I got any pets. She also interested what I do at the weekend and when we can go swimming. When I answered her, she asked me again and again: what time I usually go to bed, is my bedroom a big one or is it a long way to the beach. Oh, she asked me so many questions! Anyway, it was interesting to chat with her.



- Do you sleep in an ordinary bed?

- No, I don't. Astronauts usually float in the sleeping bag. All we have to do is just attach it somewhere.

- Do you sleep in a space suit?

- No, I don't. When I go to sleep, I wear an usual (for astronauts) clothes. 

- How long do you sleep?

- I don't know what to other astronauts but I usually sleep 7-8 hours like a normal human.

- Is it difficult to sleep?

- At first time it is very unusually, haha. But then it becomes more and more habital.

- Is it noisy?

- Well, it's not very noisy but when you think about different flying things behind your windows, you become to sleep more carefully, haha.