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1.Ann asked Bill, "What will you do next Monday?"

2."Give me these photographa,please,"said Pete to us.

3." Does your friend often come here,boys?" said Fred.

4.The doctor said to John,"You should stay in bed for a week"

5."Do you often neet my sister at the library?",he asked me.

6.Ann said,"I bought this book 2 years ago."

7."Will the teacher return our exercise-books today?",asked Nick.

8."I have jast received a telegram from them.,"she answered.

9.Nelly asked me,"Did you see "Hamlet"last Sunday?"

10.They said," We are having a party next Saturday."


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1. Ann asked Bill what he would do next Monday.

2. Pete asked us to give him those photographs.

3. Fred said (asked) if your friends often came here.

4. The doctor said to John that he should have stayed in bed for a week.

5. He asked me if I often met my sister at the library.

6, Ann said that she had bought this book 2 years ago.

7. Nick asked if the teacher would return our exerise-books that day.

8. She answered that she had just received a telegram from them.

9. Nelly asked me if I had seen "Hamlet" last Sunday.

10. They said that they were having a party next Saturday.