Напишите пожалуйста эссе на тему ''Our life - 50 years from now'' 180-200 слов


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hurricane in florida. deadly forest fires in portugal! floods in large parts of china! hardly a month goes by without headlines that tempt us all to believe that the world will be coming to an end soon. and indeed there are lots of warnings from scientists that the future of the earth will be a gloomy one if we carry on exploiting natural resourses and polluting our environment.
But isn't the history of mankind a record of warnings that the end of the world in near? hasn't man so far been perfectly able to come up with new inventions and ideas that have overcome difficult situations? the answer to these questions can only be yes - and yes it has to be/
So let's look forward. Exciting times are ahead of us. Over the next decades, the governments of the most powerful countries of the world will learn to accept that our planet needs peace, and the creativity and talent of people from all countries. By the year 2020, the world therefore will be a peaceful place. all the weapons of mass destruction will be destroyed, and the best mind of mankind, men and women, will be working together to find solutions to all the world;s problems. by 2040 more than half of the wolrd's population will be living in big cities under the seas. of course, the water of the oceans will have been cleaned by then, and scientists will have found next fuels that do not pollute the environment. Although the fish in the oceans will have disappeared, new ways of producing food will have been found to prevent starvation.
i am absolutely sure that in 50 years' time from now the world will be a place where people will love to live