Пожалуйста напишите сочинение про толерантность очень срочно

кто писал если 9 класс если чё по упр147 юнит 3 стр 147


Ответы и объяснения


What is tolerance, perhaps not everyone knows. Actually the word is interpreted in Russian dictionary - as the ability to be tolerant, lenient to the actions of others, a willingness for reconciliation. Any person should be tolerant towards the other. He should always evaluate their actions and take responsibility for them. To become a tolerant person must first develop their spiritual world, to evaluate it. With us, with students 10 "B" class, the school psychologist Kumpan Lyudmila, conducted training on tolerance. In the beginning we were told of this term. Then we were offered a situation that came to us creatures from outer space and divided our class into two layers of people, "brown-eyed" and "blue-eyed" Provided that the "brown-eyed" smart and occupy top positions in the state, and the "blue-eyed" with low intelligence have nothing and have to conform to the "brown-eyed". Half of the class that represented "brown-eyed", offered to work out the laws by which the State would have lived. In this game, "brown-eyed" forgot about the topic of the training provided and the laws that deprived the "blue-eyed" the most basic rights and freedoms. Even in the game, "blue-eyed" felt a sense of humiliation, resentment and anger to the "brown-eyed", and granted to roles, and "brown-eyed" pride and joy and excellence. At the end of the training, when the psychologist reminded about tolerance, it was clear that the provocative situation has forced us to forget about it. "Some there" aliens have imposed their will on us, manipulated us, and forced to take quite cruel laws. After training, we wanted to be better, to respect the other, be generous, be forgiving, gentle, tolerant. Life will provide us with a variety of complex situations from which to go out with dignity, not to allow themselves to be manipulated by adhering to their own opinions and choices. From this training, we learned a great lesson and errors that have been committed, we will try not to repeat.