Ответы и объяснения


1. Mike shall do his homework tomorrow. 

2. The bed was made by me in the morning. 

3. The house was built by her grandfather.

4. English is spoken in many countries. 

5. the juice was drunk by us yesterday.

6. The flowers were watered on Friday. 

7. The book will be read  in a week. 

8. The sweets shall be eaten tomorrow.

9. My ball was taken by my brother yesterday. 

10. The game was played by our team last week.


1. The tea was drunk.

2. The flowers were watered.

3. The clock was broken.

4. The dinner was cooked.

5. The food was bought. 

6. The table shall be made of stone.

7. The cake shall be eaten tomorrow. 

8. The books shall be read next week.