нужен рассказ краткий про какое нибудь преступление, использовать только past simple i past continuous. около 10 предложений, если можно по быстрее


Ответы и объяснения


Кажется, больше 10ти предложений. Но меня было уже не остановить))



It all began last summer. My friends and I decided to celebrate our classmate's birthday. Tom offered us one good place near a local river not far from our small town. After two weeks the day came. I was riding to the place by car with Carly, Rick ans Ann. When everyone reachen the river it was about 10 p.m. Our party started. We were dancing and singing, heartily congratulating birthday boy  Ken. The feast was coming to the end. That night everybody slept like a log. Everybody BUT ONE. 

His name we remembered. His face was long after in front of us. His ACTION was TERRIBLE.

When morning came, I woke up with a burning sensation all over my face and a pungent smell of menthol. I hurried to stand up and to go out of the tent, but I felt that something prevents my foot to move. Unluckily, I understood it too late and fall down. Somehow I freed my legs and crept out of the tent. Outside were almost everyone. They loudly screamed...


...and beat Ashley and Tom with different soft things. Ashley and Tom were laughing out loud.

Then I saw a white toothpaste dripping on my body from my face. I remembered menthol... then I grabbed the first pillow and Ashley with Tom hadn't no salvation. I saw other guys with faces painted with ink, markers and... toothpaste. We exposed the two criminals, who masterfully did their deal last night after the party. 


Of course, we all had fun that day and forgiven Ashley and Tom. But the last recieved a hard scolding because he admitted that the idea was completely his. 


His name we remembered. His face was long after in front of us. His ACTION was TERRIBLE...

and very very amusing:)