помогите написать текст про Анапу по английскому языку с правилами десять предложений . Плиз пожалуста .


Ответы и объяснения


Anapa - one of the sunniest resorts of the Black Sea. Sea breezes constantly moisturize the air and create shade in the summer. Anapa bay is ideal for swimming. Not far from the seaport begins sandy beach, which stretches for 40 km past the many resorts. The resort is located mineral water, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Anapa has the largest resources in the Russian mud treatments. The climate is extremely favorable for the spa treatment during the year. Anapa resort is surrounded by extensive plantations of grapes. Its different varieties are used not only in food, but also for medicinal purposes. Anapa wines are among the best in the world market.



Ну вот тебе текст.  А что значит "с правилами"?